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Basketball / Special Event Suite Catering



*Because we strive to serve all of our clients efficiently, you must place your food and beverage order according to the following schedule in order to enjoy the full range of menu items.

The Event Day Menu is available for all orders received past the deadline.

BY 4:00 PM ON

TUESDAY for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday events
WEDNESDAY for Monday events
THURSDAY for Tuesday events
FRIDAY for Wednesday events
MONDAY for Thursday events

 Basketball Games: 
The kitchen will remain open until HALF TIME.  Last Call for Beverage service will be at  END OF HALF TIME.

Professional Events: 
The kitchen will remain open until ONE HOUR after the START TIME of the event.  Beverage service will continue until the MAIN ACT takes the stage. 
(In the event of a one-band show, both food and beverage service will be available until two hours after the start of the event.)

The following items are available to order UNTIL HALF TIME (for basketball games) OR ONE HOUR AFTER THE START TIME (for professional events):

Animated Sports