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Basketball / Special Event Suite Catering


Welcome to the Frank Erwin Center suites at the University of Texas.  We at Sodexo Services are committed to serving you and your guests.  Our menu selections and services have been designed to enhance each and every aspect of your overall game day experience.

Regulations and Guidelines

Suite Administrator and Authorized Account Signers
It is most important that each suite have one officially designated contact person to handle communications.  This Suite Administrator should be responsible for communicating to suite guests and co-owners (if applicable).  This person will be contacted regularly regarding game day information and menus and will be responsible for proper placement of orders and timely payment of all invoices.  All questions from suite guests prior to events should be directed to the Suite Administrator.

Authorized Account Signers’ names will be kept on file in the suite office.  They will be allowed to place food and beverage orders during the event.  Their signature for all catering charges will also be accepted. 

Please complete the enclosed Suite Holder Information Sheet and fax to Rebecca Mann at 512-471-0567.

Placing Orders (performancegourmet.com/ut)
Sodexo Services is proud to offer the fine catering services at the Frank Erwin Center.  All of our menu selections require fresh products and extensive preparation.  Advance ordering is necessary to achieve the best service, presentation, and quality for all guests.  In order to guarantee our service, orders must be placed according to the following schedule:

By 4:00pm on

Tuesday                   for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday events
Wednesday            for Monday events
Thursday                for Tuesday events
Friday                      for Wednesday events
Monday                   for Thursday events

Orders received after the above deadlines must be placed from the Game Day Menu.
All orders must be placed by the Suite Administrator or an Authorized Account Signer.  We are proud to offer the service of online ordering.  Please place your order at performancegourmet.com/ut.  Your order is sent directly to the Suites Catering Manager, and you will receive a confirmation email.  For online ordering help, please contact Rebecca Mann at 512-471-2672.  The website DOES NOT ACCEPT ONLINE PAYMENT.

Game Day Items
Should circumstances prohibit placement of your order according to the above deadlines, there is a selection of menu items still available to you.  These Game Day items were selected because they can be prepared quickly and served to you during the event. In the suite, you will find the Game Day Menu.  To order during the event, please speak to your suite attendant or call the catering office from your suite.

Any food or beverage ordered during a game by someone other than the Suite Administrator or Authorized Account Signers will require payment in person by credit card or cash.

We’ll Have Our “Usual”
We will be happy to establish a standard order for your suite.  You can simply select a few of your favorite food items and we will deliver those same items to your suite for every game you attend.  We can also create rotating menus to vary the selections in your suite.  Just let us know your preferences and leave the rest to us.  Please call Rebecca Mann  at 512-471-2672 to set up a standard order for your suite.

Unless otherwise arranged, food and beverage orders are delivered to your suite one hour before tipoff.  Last call for catering service will be at half time for basketball games (or one hour after start time for professional events).

A trained suite attendant will service your suite.  This attendant can ensure your food order is complete and assist with any Game Day orders or special requests.  Should you require a dedicated server who will assist only your suite, one may be requested.  We do require a minimum of seven days notice and cannot guarantee a particular server.  The cost of a dedicated server is $75 per event.

Alcoholic Beverage Service
In accordance with Texas law, Sodexo Services, Inc. is the only licensed permit holder authorized to possess, sell, deliver, or serve liquor, beer or wine at the Frank Erwin Center.  Alcoholic beverages may only be obtained from Sodexo Services, Inc., and may not be brought in or removed from the suite.  Any items found on the premises not supplied by Sodexo Services, Inc. will be confiscated and destroyed.

It is the responsibility of the suite holder to ensure that no minor or intoxicated person consume alcoholic beverages in his or her suite.  Sodexo Services, Inc. and the University of Texas reserve the right to check for proper identification and refuse or terminate service at any time.

All alcoholic beverages must remain in the suites and are prohibited on the public concourses. 

Par Stock
As a convenience, you may wish to maintain a minimum amount of beverages in your suite refrigerator.  Once your par levels are set, they will be replenished before every game.  To set up a par stock level, please contact Michelle Donahue (512-232-4586).

You may cancel your suite food and beverage orders without charge by contacting our Suites Catering Manager at least 24 hours before game time.  Orders cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice may be subject to full charges. 

All suite services are subject to sales tax and a Administrative Charge of 15%.  Payment options include credit card, cash, or check.  Credit Cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express and Discover.   Tipping is discretionary but appreciated.

If you wish to keep a credit card on file, please contact Rebecca Mann (512-471-2672) OR Michelle Donahue (512-232-4586).

Suite holders will be held responsible for all food and beverage charges incurred in their suites.

Sodexo Services, Inc. reserves the right to service all food and beverage needs at the Frank Erwin Center.  Any items found on the premises not supplied by Sodexo Services, Inc. are subject to confiscation.  Should special circumstances arise, please contact Rebecca Mann (512-471-2672) OR Michelle Donahue (512-232-4586) at least two business days before the event.

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